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RACE Survey

Help us make RACE even better by answering the brief survey below. Your information will be used only to improve RACE, and will never be sold or shared without your consent. We don't like spam either.

1. Which best describes your occupation or interest in web development?

Web developer / sysadmin for a development firm
Educational faculty
Develop web sites as a hobby

2. Which of the following best describes your experience with RACE?

I have used RACE for one or more web sites.
I have downloaded RACE and tried it, but not with a production site.
I have RACE installed on my server for other developers to use.
I just downloaded RACE right now.
I am currently learning RACE development.
I'm considering RACE for my next web project.
I've seen the info about RACE, and I'm not interested.

3. How did you hear about RACE?

Web search
RACE web site
Riverwatcher web site
My site was developed using RACE. Optional URL:
Press release
TechCommUnity Tech Show 2004

4. Top reasons you are interested in RACE (check all that apply).

Ease of use
Dissatisfaction with other language(s); please specify language(s) & reason(s)
Ease of install
Support availability

5. If you are currently using RACE and have ideas you'd like to see in upcoming versions, please list them here.


6. If you have developed a site using RACE, would you like your site to be eligible to be featured as the RACEkit.net Feature RACE Site? If you are interested, fill in the information below.

URL (required):

Describe the features of the site that use RACE:

Your name (required):

Please be sure to fill in your email address below as well.

7. Would you like to be included on our occasional RACE Announce list? The list is sent approximately once per month and will keep you informed of all the latest RACE developments.

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8. Tell us about yourself:


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Feature RACE Site

US Grand Prix
The US Grand Prix has used RACE for the past 2 years for their volunteer registration.

RACE Survey

We want to hear from you!
If you have a minute, take a look at our RACE survey.

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