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RACE Features:

Whether you are a single web developer or a part of a large web development team, your single most valuable resource is your time. RACE (Riverwatcher Active Content Environment) is designed to make the most use out of that resource. Besides speeding up development time, RACE is also designed to be an efficient, stable and portable platform from which web applications can be built and run.

Letís look at some of the highlights of RACE.

Features at a glance
  • Tested and Supported
  • Intuitive and Simple Tag-Based Syntax
  • Easy and Powerful Database Integration
  • Multiple Variable Types
  • Full Access to Environment Variables
  • UNIX and Apache Support
  • Standalone Shell
  • Professional Support Available
  • Security

  • Tested and Supported

    Version 3 is the first public release of RACE, but it has been used for web sites of all sizes since 1997. RACE was developed and used in-house by Riverwatcher, Inc. Online learning systems for Catepillar, intranets for Hyster Company, event management systems for the United States Grand Prix and the University of Illinois, and many more applications have been tested in a production environment for several years.

    Intuitive and Simple Tag-Based Syntax

    The RACE language syntax is modeled after HTML and XML so that it looks and feels like a natural extension of HTML. With less than 25 built-in tags and the ability to let you define your own tags, you can build everything from a simple form to a complex online store.

    Easy and Powerful Database Integration

    RACE has built-in support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, mSQL and any ODBC compliant databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL. In addition, RACE has full support for LDAP directory services. With only one tag, RACE will take care of the database connection, data-fetching and variable creation. By abstracting lower-level database connectivity, your database application can be automatically ported to different database back-ends.

    Multiple Variable Types

    RACE variables can be a scalar, an array or a hash list so you can choose the data structure that makes the most sense for each task. You can store as much data into each variable as the server's memory permits.

    Full Access to Environment Variables

    RACE gives you full access to all the commonly used CGI variables, as well as a host of other variables. You can easily define and fetch cookies, process file uploads and check the ip address of remote hosts.

    UNIX and Apache Support

    RACE has been tested on a variety of UNIX platforms including Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD and OS X. It runs as either a statically-linked or dynamically-loaded Apache module. You get the maximum flexibility and speed when running RACE under the most popular web servers.

    Standalone Shell
    RACE can also be compiled into a standalone shell. You can test RACE scripts from a command line or create a cron job that invokes a RACE script on a predefined schedule.

    Professional Support Available
    Unlike many open-source languages, RACE has commercial support available. If you are a professional developer who needs authoritative answers quickly, there is no better way than asking the developers directly.

    RACE lets the web server administrator decide what each RACE script can or cannot do. Server-side RACE scripts are sandboxed into the HTML document directory, so there is no separate CGI-bin to manage. RACE also has built-in support for MD5, SHA, Crypt and Blowfish encryptions.

    Coming Soon in Future Versions:
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Persistent Database Connection
  • Built-in Session Handling
  • XML Parsing
  • SOAP and .Net Compatibility

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    US Grand Prix
    The US Grand Prix has used RACE for the past 2 years for their volunteer registration.

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