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RACE Documentation:

DECODE - Decoding text that has been encrypted with RACE

  • TYPE - Type of encryption used: Base64, blowfish or hex
  • KEY - The key string used for the blowfish encryption
  • KEYID - The keyid which refers to a key defined in the httpd.conf or .htaccess file using the RACESecretKey directive
Example - Simple decryption

<define var="$strcrypt"><encode type="hex"><$password></encode></define>
<define var="$strclean"><decode type="hex"><$strcrypt></decode></define>

This simply takes a string, runs it through the hex encoding scheme, and decodes it back.

Example - Base64 image decoding

<define var="$decoded_file"><decode type="base64"><$encoded_file></decode></define>
<output name="images/decoded_file.jpg"><$decoded_file></output>
File saved: <img src="images/decoded_file.jpg" />

File saved: <img src="images/decoded_file.jpg" />

note: Given a Base64 encoded JPEG image, this will decode and save it to the server, and display the saved image.

RACE Documentation

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